About Wongeez

Hey :)

My name is Alexandra and I am the owner and creator of Wongeez, my artistic baby born during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I turned to art as a form of therapy and used it as a way to vent all of the anger and sadness that I was feeling when the world was turned upside down. 


My signature one line drawings brought me much needed peace and reminded me to slow down and enjoy the instinctive simplicities of life.


I love bright and vibrant colours as they bring a sense of happiness and fun into my life, serving as a reminder not to take anything too seriously or let the gloom and hectic modern day worries take over!


I love to stand out from the crowd and be unique and my art is a reflection of this :)


really hope that you love  Wongeez as much  as I do and that it brings a sense of fun and some vibrant energy into your life 

- A